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Hi everyone,

I have recently become a member and have been very impressed by the support that you all give each other in this forum. Having completed a Foundation Degree in Education with special emphasis on Early Years I am already converted to the benefits of the forum because part of my own study involved participation on line to help, support and share information with fellow students.


This is the first time that I have made a contribution to the FsF although I have been reading your 'stuff' for quite some time.

I work in a FSU and at the moment we are considering the question of transition of our pupils to YR1. I seem to think that there was a discussion about this very topic but I am unable to find it. Please can any one help me here?


I was also wondering if any one has any advice on how exactly YR1 will use the information from the FSP? The teachers in our school seem just to 'file' them which seems a dreadful insult to all the time and effort it has taken to complete the profile in the first place. I know that this is strictly not Foundation Stage info but wondered if anyone had any thoughts?


Thanks. Betty boo :o

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Our Y1 teachers previously transfered all the data from FSPs to NC records (or rather they expected me to) This year we have made a number of changes

1 New (FS friendly) head

2 Support for our transition policy from the LEA

3 I am going to be working alongside the Y1 teacher initially (first half term)


I have passed onto the Y1 teacher Ros Bayley Smooth Transitions book (which she has passed on unread to the TA) and so I have passed on Making it work in Year 1 directly to the TA. (reccommend both books as excellent easy to read)


The head has set aside a full day this term so we can work together over transition issues..........sharing FSP info and for us to plan jointly for the first half term for her class.


Not sure how its going to work out but I am feeling much more opitmistic.

Welcome to the forum

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HI bettyboo at the end of the year (and also half termly to be mre exact) we print out the final over view grid for group Assessments and send these up to Yr1 along with graphs etc. For special needs children we print out individual graphs to show their progression (or not in some rare cases). The Yr 1 staff and Reception staff go through these and chat about which children have achieved ELG's and are working beyond, those within and those working towards (Stepping Stones). From this Yr 1 staff can begin to groups the children accordingly and ensure that in the first term particularly they can plan appropriate expereinces for all.

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Thankyou sooo much to all who replied, I have followed the various links and got loads of useful info. Great!

Bettyboo :D

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Hi betty boo and welcome.

I cant be more specific as Im a supply teacher but I was very interested in transition when I was class based and tried to work closely with the year 1 teachers but in practise, there werent enough hours in the day!

Good luck.

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