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Eec 6 Pack?


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Hi am I being really stupid in not knowing what an EEC 6 pack is? :o I am ICT coordinator (not through choice :( !!) and have been asked to get copies of this pack. I know it's related to health and safety but haven't got a clue what it means! Is there a technical wizard out there who can shed some light for me? xD Would be most grateful

thanks xx

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Could it be a eurpoean citizen with a gourgeous chest!!

Sory but working very hard whilst family get heated over football

I will watch with interest


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Never heard of it - if not a gorgeous European - perhaps it something that you can drink and makes you feel better - but might give you a bloated stomach too!!


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found this


Approved Codes of Practice - Pack of 6


Series Codes: L21, L22, L23, L24, L25, L26


Published by: HSE Books

ISBN: 07176162666

Published: 04 Dec 1998

Language English

Binding: Paperback

Pagination: 90 pages


A number of statutory instruments known "colloquially" as the "six pack" came into force in 1992. These safety regulations and guidance be purchased as a pack of 6. The titles included in the pack are:



L21 Management of Health and Safety at Work. (0717624889)

L22 Safe Use of Work Equipment. (0717616266)

L23 Manual Handling. (0717624153)

L24 Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare. (0717604136)

L25 Personal Protective Equipment at Work. (0717604152)

L26 Work with display screen equipment. (0717625826)




Price: £48.60




Here's the link, scroll 14 books down the list




6 pack of H&S books



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