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Written My Letter Of Application For Managers Job


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letter_for_management_job_blanked_out_FS_group_one.docHi all,


firstly a huge thanks to Shelley1 for sending me over a copy of a letter of application you wrote, i hope you don't mind but i pinched a few pointers from it, hope that's okay.


so attatched is my letter,


do you think its okay, does it sound professional enough


Thanks for taking the time to read it


Dawn :D


hee hee, a few spelling mistakes in my letter, but i have edited them out of the copy i will send :-)

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Wow Dawn! That sounds sooo professional and it would appear that you have covered many bases eg working in a team, applying your knowledge, skills, quals and experience etc.


The only thing that I would say is that you have written:


'...I would be in a great position to work closely with my staff and other professionals and parents/careers in order to achieve the outcomes for the every child matters framework..'


Personally I would have re-worded it slightly, as the expression 'my staff' would, to me, imply a 'them and me' situation. I think I may have concentrated it more for a team work approach, developing staff members as a team.


Other than that, and it really is my own opinion (others may disagree!) I think it is a wonderfully professional letter and clearly gives the impression that you notonly have skills and experience suitable to the job, but also that you are committed to overall development of children/setting/staff/yourself.


I really wish you good luck!!

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:D Thanks for the feedback you two,


and thanks for your comment Clare, about the wording in that one paragraph and i think your right.... it has been changed now, and is about to go of in the first post today...





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Well done, you have written a balanced letter showing what you have to offer and how you think the position will enable you and the nursery to develop in the future.


Good luck.



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It's great - well done! It's really hard to stop yourself once you've started isn't it??!!


Let us know how you get on x

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