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Soft Reading Area Furniture?


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:o I am looking for soft seating for the reading area in my reception classroom - not only does it need to be very affordable, but it also has to be something which my head will approve as being appropriate for our new school when we move in just over a year (lots of wood and glass).


If anyone could recommend a catalogue, company or website I would be very grateful!




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i have just bought two little sofas from the hope education catalogue for my nursery - there are a few different types in the catalogue.

Ours are red with bright shaopes on and i got two matching bean bags to go with them.

Its worth a look - if you havnt a catalogue the web site is www.hope-education.co.uk


good luck

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Beanbags are good, children love them! Covers can often be taken off for washing.

Only problem is that they do eventually leak, child finds zip and inner lining has burst and heypresto 1million little beads everywhere. Next time I have any I will sew up the zipper!

Floor cushions or fancy cushions also work well.


Furniture from Hope is soon outgrown, at least the stuff I inherited was(and description is very similar).

Although I agree it looks nice I can never be bothered with the hassle of cushions etc, unless you have enough for everyone! I've never been lucky enough to have a resourced reading area away from my main carpet though, if you've seating for 5 or 6 and expect that to indicate usage, could be more successful.



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we have been given 2 lovely sleeping bags in the shape of a tiger and a zebra, very furry and the children love to sit on them, easy to wash. havent a clue where they were purchased from but probaly somewhere like argos, bhs etc

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