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Setting Up A Nursery

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Help please. I am in my second year of teaching (reception) and have become increasingly more disillusioned with early years teaching in schools (both private and state). I feel that many schools do not value the importance of play and still see it as something they do after 'work'. I am therfore increasingly more interested in setting up my own nursery (small scale) but have no ideas of the legal and financial aspects. Is there anybody out there who could suggest possible contacts, give ideas and share any experiences they have had with their own nursery?


many thanks :o

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Hi mjsilcock -

welcome to the forum and thanks for posting!


I'm sure people will have lots of suggestions for you. I would say it's not a trivial exercise - you'll need to do a lot of thinking first. Just to kick you off, there was a conversation way back in the early days of this forum - with a book recommendation you might find useful as well. You can find it by clicking here.


Let's see what else comes up from the members here now. When that last conversation happened there were only about 5 members, and one of them was my dog Ellie... :o


Best wishes,


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Gosh, I wish you lived in Kent - I've been thinking exactly the same thing and would love to set up a nursery. I guess I'll be loking at the book and thread that Steve recommended too!!


Thanks for getting me thinking about something positive again (after writing up observations/assessments into my profiles all evening again!)


Dianne xxx :)

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Hi Mjsilcock,

I set up my own nursery five years ago now, and haven't regretted it (I too was a primary teacher beforehand). The thing I would say is that I spend more time doing this job than I would if I were back in school. That said, my nursery is situated in three rooms at the side of my house, so when I am doing nursery stuff at the weekends and evenings, I am at least on homeground!

If you were to set up your own place, is it possible it could be at your home, or are you thinking of separate premises?

As a very early starting point, I would begin subscribing to the nursery and early years magazines. You get a good mix of advice on what should be going on in your setting, with all the managerial help, too, in terms of leading your staff, running your business, etc. The best ones I think are Nursery World, EYE (Early Years Educator), and Practical Pre-school, with Nursery Education as a good source of topic-type suggestions. And of course there are loads of good discussions going on here!

Hope this helps; get back to us with your thoughts :)

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I am the owner/supervisor of a pre-school. Yes their are many advantages. I also spend much of my spare time doing planning for the curriculum,accessing external funding,phoning parents answering phone calls from parents,shopping for pre-school materials and making sure the group maintains its sustainability. Parents expect me to be accessable all the time. I often wish I was only responsible for planning for each child!!!!

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