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Wow! I have just started to toilet train my daughter. She is 2.5 years old and showing signs that she is ready for this. I went to Mothercare yesterday and bought a special toilet seat and step, which the little one chose herself. Then came the abundance of knickers, again which she chose herself. I thought it would be better to give her the choice, thinking she would be more inclined to use all these things xD .


I never realised quite how stressful toilet training your own child could be! When I think of all the children I have helped train whilst at work, it seemed quite an easy job, but looking at it now, I was supported by various other staff members all keeping an eye out for accidents or taking the children to the toilet to see if they will go.


Now there is only me, and whilst I am attempting to do all the housework (ironing, washing etc. It's too hot to take her out) I have missed 2 accidents so far today. I haven't got enough eyes to keep on top of it all!


I am guilty of making comments about parents who expect nursery staff to toilet train their children and then insist on them wearing a nappy when they are collected, but I can honestly see why now! It is such a time consuming task but although there have been a couple of accidents so far, I am optimistic about the whole thing! It's only day one and I think 2 accidents is pretty good going.


Another part of the growing up thing that I am really struggling with is the sleeping in a bed thing! We had to spend last week away from home, and forgot the travel cot. Total disaster at first, but when I calmed down, I thought about trying the little one in a proper 'big girls bed' and decided to bite the bullett and go for it! she took to it so well! She fell out of bed twice, landing on the two double quilts and four pillows I had laid on the floor 'just in case' and she managed to sleep all night without falling out for two nights! I was so excited, but a little upset, as I suddenly realised that my little girl is growing up :o !


Sorry for the long post (I have been away for some time!!) but I really wanted to share that with you all! even though it is a personal, 'at home' situation, it has made me more aware in my professional capacity about the whole parenting thing. I think I will be more sympathetic to parents whose little ones are toilet training etc! :(

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The been there, done that, got the tshirt status does help, doesnt it?


Having had a behaviourally challenging son helps too!


Toilet training is or can be very difficult, but in my experience an indiviidual experience---my 2 boys were so different as in many other things too. Dont be afraid to say, ok she isnt quite ready and put the nappies/ pull ups back in circulation.

Have fun!

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The time does fly doesnt it? My eldest sits his last exam on Thursday and I can so vividly remember his first day at school. (my baby :( )


Toilet training was fairly easy with him, he's a June baby, when he was 2 he used to run round the garden with no nappy on and very quickly learnt it wasnt polite to use mommy's flower beds as a toilet xD He still had loads of accidents especially when he was busy playing, he was 4 before he totally mastered it. The youngest took his nappy off one day (around 2.5 yrs) and 3 days later was dry day and night.I think the key is to make it relaxed and fun, dont worry about it, my dad used to say to me 'he'll be in pants by the time he starts school' :D Both lads went straight from a cot to a normal bed and like you I piled pillows and cushions on the floor. The eldest never fell out and the youngest only did it twice, he didnt even wake up! I sometimes thin there is a lot of pressure on mom's to have their child dry at earlier and earlier ages. like there's a competition. I even know a woman who used to sit her babys on the potty from a few weeks old and swears they were trained from 2 months or so. :o You just gotta laugh :(

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