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Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the better weather.

The deputy supervisor of my mum's pre-school is leaving and she has advertised for the post. I'm a reception teacher and often for teaching interviews we have to do an activity with some children. I was wondering if anyone had asked an interviewee for a deputy role to do a similar thing. Could we ask them to prepare a short activity for CLL or mathematical development for example. As they need to be level 3 they should have some experience in planning and preparing tasks. Mum wants someone that can run the pre-school confidently in her absence as she will be looking after my little boy when i return to work for 2 days a week :o

If anyone can give us some ideas we would be very grateful.

Thank you


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Good idea. Someone applying for a deputy post should be able to do that confidently.


You can't always tell everything just from an interview, so doing an activity as well gives you the bigger picture.

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Thats a good idea.

I have been doing interviews in the last couple of weeks. What i did was invite them in and placed them on an activity i had planned, i then observed them for an hour, how they interacted with children etc, then did the formal interview. In the interview i asked them about the activity they were involved in, how they would improve it, what was good about it etc, what the children learnt from it.

It has proved to be quite revealing!!!!!

There was also a list of interview questions on one of the forum which are brilliant

Good luck with it

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thank you for your suggestions, i've also printed out some of the application forms and interview questions from previous posts that were very helpful. We just need people to interview now, no one has replied to

the advert yet! (and it cost £50 :o )



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