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Which path to take?  

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  1. 1. Which path to take?

    • FS leader in a smaller school
    • Year 1 at current, larger school

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so let me put this in context.


I've been temporarily FS leader at my cuurent school (2form entry with 52 place nursery) for this past year to cover materity. The original leader has come back and as much as I can work with her... I'm finding it a bit difficult now as it's like a step down.


A head rang me the other day out of the blue and said he'd heard 'good' things about me and has the FS leader position coming up a his school teaching in a R/Yr1 class and would like me to apply for it.


I'm undecided as I know my school really well, and may have the chance to move to year one this year which would be a nice change, especally as I'm on a Rec/KS1 transition working party, so I would be able to try a lot of our deas and aspirations out in practice.


On the other hand... the other job is a 'promotion' it carries a TLR2...


I'm posting on here only because I want to know what you'd do... I'm not finding it as clear cut a decision as I hoped I would :o


~ Paul

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You must go and visit the school unless you already know it well. Could you talk to your HT about it see what they say?

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Josie's advice is of course the route to take but I would be very tempted by the move although you do need to go and find out more! You would be able to try your transition ideas in your own classroom in the new school and if you are finding it difficult to work with the FS coord is that going to improve even if you move to year1?


Good luck!

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Guest tinkerbell

Go for it Paul. :) Time to move on ,new staff a chance to put your own ideas into practice without the returned from maternity leave lady watching every move.It sounds like a great move you must be doingg good stuff if you are being headhunted! Go and have a look round before you do make your mind up.

Good luck keep us posted


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