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Hi All.


I wanted to ask your opinions on something and I know someone will be able to reassure me!!


My daughter is 2.4 years old, she has attended early years settings with me from the time she was three months old as I was doing my NVQ3. She is a very lively child, going through the usual 2 year old behaviour stages etc, her favourite word is 'no'! She has very good language and memory skills, she can speak in complete sentences, which are mostly grammatically correct and she only needs to be told what something is once, before she remembers what it is and can say correctly what it is.


She is a big fan of Balamory and carries her talking Miss Hoolie and Josie Jump dolls everywhere we go. She plays with them constantly.


However, over recent weeks I have begun to notice that these dolls are the only toys she ever plays with. She has lots of other toys, my house is like a nursery with all the educational toys she has but she still only likes these two dolls. She doesn't touch anything else, even when I set up toys for her to play with. As well as this, she is really into books at the moment, so when she is not playing with Miss Hoolie and Josie Jump, she is glued to a book, usually a Balamory one, but she's not really fussy!


I am pleased that she likes books, I am an avid reader myself so I guess it's running in the family! The benefits of books are vast and I'm happy that she is interested in them, but I am getting concerned that she isn't showing any interest in anything else. I have treid hiding the books and encouraging her to play with different things, but she hunts the books down, pulls them out and sits with them all the time. This happens both at home and at pre-school.


Is this ok for her to be so interested in one thing and show no interest in anything else? What could I do to try and encourage her to play with other things?


Any opinions or advice would be great, Thanks! :D

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I agree with others comments, the only thing I can suggest is that you show her how to involve her dolls in other play, ie: use the dolls like puppets with small world toys, or any other role play. Pretend a doll is doing a puzzle etc.


How great that she has a thirst for books. :D



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Please, please, please don't discourage the book interest in any way at all. Children can all too quickly be put off books once they get to school so if you have encouraged her and shown her the pleasures of them then this can only be a good thing. If she has a love of books at such an early age chances are that love will stay with her.

As for the dolls as the others have already said I wouldn't worry too much. She is very young and will probably develop other interests as she grows.


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