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Just really to pick someone's brains as I am stressing about the Foundation Degree that I haven't even started yet!

Could someone enlighten as to how much time they spend weekly, monthly, roughly studying, I have been discussing the course with collegues (all of which have not done the FD Ey) and I am haveing comments like How will you do it? and Are you sure you will manage it? and now I am doubting myself, I am busy and I don't want to compromise my family for this but at the same time I really want to be able to do it, I am one of those mum's who doesn't leave my children, I rarely go out without the entourage of five kids (my gang).

But my eldest is nearly 15yrs and my youngest is 5yrs and although I know they need me more in some ways, but surely I will be able to fit it in, (I will have to burn the candle at both ends, stay up studying when the house is quiet?-I don't socialise at all) and I am being a good role model by studying aren't I?

Someone give me some reassurance or some realistic facts about taking on too much, come on I can take it!

Come on Hali I am relying on your support here,

from the biggest worrier around,


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shirel - I can only go on my experience of studying for a foundation degree with Open University. I am not sure who you are studying with so it depends on the expectations of that course provider. However the Statement of Requirement for all Early Years FDegrees states that students are 'likely to have family and domestic commitments, and be required to juggle responsibilities. Flexible learning and support arrangements should be available within the academic institution to meet these needs.' I fit it in with my full time job and it is the expectation that we study on average 14+ hours - some weeks its more and others less. So yes it can be very demanding and you need to put a lot of commitment into it. I am fortunate and don't have the demands of family but regardless the key is to be organised. Shirel you can do it you'll find a balance and I know you want to be there for your family but you also need them to support you. Enjoy. :o

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Dear Shirel,

Go for it - I have three children, two time jobs and two cats!! and I am now in my final year of a degree. Yes, of course its hard work and yes I am sure there will be times when you will be up in the early hours of the morning but I bet you are probably quite used to this with 5 children. I think that as you said you want to do it and thats the main thing, you have the motivation. Its also good for the children to know that sometimes Mum has things to do as well. Sometimes its good to take time out for yourself and if you enjoy it then it won't be tedious. Someone else here will let you know about the Foundation Degree but my biggest advice would be to find someone who you can get on with to help you who is also on the course - I think learning and studying completely on your own is really hard. Try and team up with someone to share problems and experiences. This has been vital for me - I wish you all the luck - keep us posted


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here i am.................. :D


believe me it is worth it.... :o


different Fds spend different amount of hours each week i am sure... :)


i am doing the 0 - 3 surestart endorsed Fd and on average (and it is average depending on weather you have an assignment due in 'on average with us every 2 -3 wks' i spend on the week i dont have to hand it it in an hour and on the weeks i do 10 - 15hrs)...it is tough but believe me worth while..... xD:D ...honestly...there bare the times i wish i hadnt bithered but so glad i am doing it especially as all the levels of qualifications changing nationally and it is fun!!!!!! :D:D:D

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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou I know it will be difficult but with friends like you at least I will have support, and if I don't at least have a go I will always regret it, thankyou for your advice and kind words once again. I really appreciate all the comments and have taken on board the advice.

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Guest cathy m


You really don't need to stress, well not yet anyway!! I'm studying with the OU for the FDEY and the compulsory courses are

E123--- Working with children in the Early Years

E124--- Supporting Children's learning

E115 ---Personal professional development

all of the above are compulsory then u do another 60points and finish with

E215---Extending personal professional development

I am hopefully going to start on the final course in October as I finish the current one.

I work full time as a registered childminder, just qualifying as an nvq assessor, tutor compulsory training for childminders to name a few of the hats I wear. I have 3 sons the youngest is 12 and hubby works away all week!.


It's worthwhile and I have definately improved as a practitioner and learnt so much along the way. I've put you a link in to find out more



Hope this helps


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Oh Shirel! Try not to panic too much! I like you have the worry of family issues, although my gang only consists of my other half and my little girl. Obviously I will need to have a job, so that will have to be taken into consideration. You are right though when you say if you don't do it you will regret it and that is how I feel.


I know it is going to be hard work, but I am sooooo looking forward to it. We are fortunate in that we have the forum and everyone in it to be able to offer advice and support, just think of those who have not yet discovered us!!


I'm sure you'll be fine and as has already been said, we will all be here to help you! My college is saying one full day a month and one evening a week for college study time, plus fifteen hours a week home work time. I plan to do mine around the baby going to bed as the two-three hours leading up to bed time can be a bit of a mad rush!


You will be fine! Try not to worry. Just see how you get on and if now is not the right time, you can always have another go! It won't come to that, I'm sure and as Hali has said, it will be worth it! :D


I will send you my email address in a pm so we can chat as two 'newbies'!

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I thought I would reply to you as I have just finished the foundation degree in early years. I also have three young children and work full time. I found it hard and had devide my time.

The best advice i can give is to try and organise your time and start the assignments as early as you are able setting yourself realistic goals. Do not leave writing your work up until the weekend before it is due in (i did this on many occasions, very stressful).


On a lighter note, I have to say it is one of the best things I have ever done having developed my knowledge and skills I now hope to top-up to the full degree.


Good luck and don't stress you'll be glad you did it.



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Thankyou Cara, your advice is really appreciated, I am not a very organised person, so I will take that on board.

I am hoping that I will to be able to offer the same optimism to someone else in three years, hopefully like most things before you know it you've done it!

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