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Offered A Place For Fdey!


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I have been offered a place on the FD for October and I hadn't even decided properly whether I was going to do it, help I am in a panic now, what happens next?

I will accept the offer and could someone please enlighten me to what happens next? When and how do I go about getting funding sorted? I know the University will help me but I feel a bit like a fish out of water and a bit ignorant of how the system works having never studied at this level before.

I will wait for your words of wisdom before I ring the University, well that's my excuse for delaying a phone call that I am not very good at doing, thankyou in anticipation of advice.

:o (don't no why I did the smiley, just liked it, perhaps its my shocked expression that I have gone this far to receive an offer for the degree?!)

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Congratulations Shirel! It's a great feeling isn't it? I got accepted on the course within 2 days of applying and I too am due to start in October.


Haven't yet sorted out the funding side of things but this link may help!


Maybe as two people starting at the same time, we can give each other a bit of support, as well as badgering others for their expertise!! :o


Congrats again!! :D

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Thankyou Clare and Hali,

That sounds great Clare, I could do with the support and having the forum AND someone starting the same time will be brilliant, I am nervous that I may have taken on too much but I know that if I don't do it now I will regret it, thanks again for your kind words.


Thanks for the link Clare


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