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I had my appraisal today, and my manager has asked if i cold work alongside here in thinking up ideas to promote team work amungst all staff.


We have a staff team of 12 people, made up of mangaer, deputy, senior officer and then staff who are all mostly training to NVQ 3.

The manager wants us to try and gel better as a team... any ideas on how to do this.


Right now what seems to be happening is the staff in toddler room (5 staff) work well together, but rather seperatly to the tweenie room, and pre-school room. The baby room staff (2 staff) work well with toddler room, but again not with any other room. The tweenie staff (2 staff) stick to themselves and interact with other rooms only when required and the Pre-school room staff (2 staff) work well together, but again not much opportunity/need to work with other rooms. The manager is not room based, our manager struggles to feel like she fits in at all with the team. i think that she feels most staff view her as the one to be wary of ~ even tho she is lovely.


so how can we gel more as a team.


don't get me wrong we are all civil (okay fair sharing of bitchiness goes on, but where does that not happen)....


would just be nice to ahve enthusiastic staff who wanted to be there and felt valued in their job and like they had a clear role/purpose.... how can we achieve better team work?


thanks in advance for your ideas



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Initial reaction - how long have the staff been in the different rooms? ... can you move them around a bit?.. regularly?... what about team building staff sessions?... jollies?...


Sorry, been away, still coming down from a great time so not too full of ideas!



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What about 'golden moments' - staff treats e.g. everyone brings a treat to share during the day (not necessarily cake or even better chocolate - even though it would be my preferrence!; sometimes it could be a tropical fruit day). Having an events committee who organise social events for all staff. Whole staff training - although I know that in day nurseries that is not always practical - is a twilight that is 'paid back' with time in lou?

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If you are having a staff meeting you could try this.....

put everyone's name on a seperate piece of paper, then put all of the bits of paper in a 'hat'. Everyone pulls out a piece of paper and then has time to write in it, they must write 3 POSITIVE, things about the person, at the end of your meeting you read out all of the comments, a real confidence booster :D


It doesn't haveto be a staff meeting you could do it just because......

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