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I am in the middle of a Hanen Course - (promoting children's social, language and literacy development in early years settings)

I am now looking for more ideas on promoting peer interaction - what activities to do or use?

I should have a reluctant child, ( one who doesn't initiate and has difficulty getting in on the act with his peers) and a fairly quiet child, but one that does initiate occasionally.

I have thought of using the Brio train set (encouraging them to work together to set up the track), perhaps an activity in the sand or water - it should be something where they need to talk to each other about what they are doing, without me 'interfering' too much. By the way the tutors video all this as well.!! I'm not keen on being videod - they have done three already then there is this one tomorrow and then just one more before the course ends.


Any ideas for tomorrow morning please ???


Sue J

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