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I'm new to posting here, and am ashamed to say my first post is a plea for help, but I hope that I will be able to help someone in turn as I have very nearly finished the NVQ.....


I have gone blank. Completely blank, and I don't know what I'm trying to say. I need to get this finished by the end of the week, and my head is going to explode. :o:(


I'm not thick, I just can't find any brain cells that are working at full capacity this morning.


The question is related to planning routines and then evaluating them to make sure that children's needs are being met. So:


"Explain how to set and use criteria for evaluation"



Please help me, I'm just so tired...I can't go on....




Carly xx

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Hi carly, welcome on board and please dont worry about making your first post a plea for help.


I dont really know anything of use about the NVQ so I cant help with the question in hand, Im sure our more experienced members will be able to help out there.


We all get that head exploding going round in circles moments, and sometimes it helps just to swicth off and do something different (in my case thats usually involves my garden), then come back to it wth a fresh head. You are obviously capable fo the work as you say you are nearing the end, so hang on in there.

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Hi Applejack and welcome to the forum. Ditto what Mundia has said :D


I also don't know the criteria and how it may fit in or cross reference with what you have already done. Going just on the statement,


"Explain how to set and use criteria for evaluation"


To be able to evaluate you need to have an "aim" and "Objectives" ( to evaluate whether the aim has been met through the objectives) so, iIm guessing in the case of "Planning for Routines"

an Aim may be "to have consistent routines to ensure children know what is going to happen next". This is done by ( objectives)


a) in the case of babies, knowing their eating routines, through discussion with parents.




xD preschool age - Writing a daily routine that all staff know and follow.


Before we can evaluate we need to evidence how we meet an aim or carry out an objective.


a) How do you share this information with parents? Do you use this information to inform routine plans? How is this evidenced? - ie: initial registration form, daily diary/home/nursery book etc


:( Evidence: written routine. How do you know all staff are aware of the routine? Is the routine carried out consistently? How is this evidenced.



Are the aims met, are the objectives the best way to meet the aims?


Basically, planning the routine you need to know why have a routine, what info you need to insure the routine is beneficial to all children and what criteria you will measure it's success by.


Sorry if I've confused you more, not very good at writing succinct replies :o ( as no doubt you will find out once you have time to use the forum a bit more)


Good luck, hopefully an NVQ expert / assessor will come along and give you a clearer example.



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Thankyou both of you for the welcome! :D

and thankyou so much Peggy; I went for a walk when I took my three year old to Preschool, and when I came back, I did housework and prepared dinner. I am now sitting down and my head feels clear, and I'm ready to go!!! I think I've been stressing so much on getting it done, that I was just worn out this morning!:D

Peggy you are wonderful - you've helped me to undertsand the question, and given me a starting point in answering it. I can't thank you enough. :)

I will definately be using the forum more - I start the FdA in September, and will really need some help then! My NVQ Assessor says that my problem is that I am too thorough and expect things to be more complicated than they are - she says most of my answers are at a level 4 standard. So I need to chill a bit and perhaps realise that while I may be stating the obvious, that may well be all they need to know!


Thanks again both of you!




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Glad to hear your head is clearing, glad to hear your first post was so useful for you.


I am doing a QA scheme at the moment, reflective stuff, and my mentor says to me that I'm not writing an early years manual, just what we do and why, and how we plan to develop. I have so many action plans, not because we are failing in any way, but because I am so thorough. For example our recent food module I've reflected and wrote an action plan to start taking children shopping for the snack bar foods. I'll have them growing and selling them to me next ( now there's an idea for 2007) See what I mean :o



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Ahhh already doing that - we have an allotment! :-)


You sound like me. Sometimes I don't feel like I've 'done enough' or I worry I've not answered in enough depth.


And when my brain packs in (on a regular basis) I can't think straight. :o


Thank God I always remember to feed the children..........





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