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Does anyone use this or similar in reception? If so could you give me a brief run downon how it works and how you organise your day and your learning environments. Thanks

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Hi unicid,


We're High/Scope, but in a preschool so can't answer your specific question.


Looking at my recent copy of the High/Scope UK Journal, I see that there is a page where those settings that have achieved Quality Assurance Accredited status. Of these, at least 6 are clearly in infant or primary schools, from their title. There must be lots of others out there who haven't done the Accreditation yet.


On ething that struck home to me, from the journal, is to use labels ofr the environment that mean something to the children - e.g. 'Role Play Area' is adult-speak. And does Maths only happen in the Maths Area? So we're going to be doing a big rethink soon!


Hopefully someone will answer your specific question soon!

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