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I have been on a course today about planning and was wondering if anyone out there could enlighten me as to what is really expected of us and how you plan.?

our long term plan consists of our topics, any special event or visits and also the aspects we intend to cover. ( we know which aspects as we brain stormed the topics and used some of the ideas to use as our adult led activities)

medium term is our adult led activities for the half term

short term consits of our daily session plans along with the activity plans.

What do you think? :o

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I was just going to ask what was the advice, input from the course. :o


I personally don't have a medium term plan, in fact we are gradually moving towards daily rather than weekly plans. I have a long term plan but not with topics, I just plan what learning focus / aspect to cover within a time period ( normally a week) then plan using knowledge of children to these learning areas. ie: how to incorporate childrens interests / development levels into the planned aspect we want to focus on. Hope that makes sense. We tend to use books/stories to support our plans. ( not plan to the books).


Every setting develops plannning methods suitable to their environment / children, so don't worry, have confidence in your professional knowledge of child development, and your knowledge of the FSC.



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Did they extend from that???


My response is, we do it for everyone's purpose and benefit, if you share learning objectives and outcomes with the children as well!?! :o (I do, of course, mean in a child-friendly way) It's only common sense that the children have some idea of why they're doing something - as well as it being FUN, of course! xD (We share planning where we can, as well)



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