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Stories About Toy Trains?


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what age group do you have?


This one is ok

down at the station early in the morning see the noisy engines standing in a row

see the engine driver pull the engine handle, toot toot toot and off we go

don't know how I will help you with the tune! I am singing it as I type but not much good to you!!


what about the runaway train went down the track and she blew?


I can also remember all of the words to Casey Jones (steaming and a rolling)

but perhaps I am showing my age!!

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What about:-


Puffer train, puffer train,

noisy little puffer train

If you're going to the sea

Puffer train won't you please take me

Choo, choo, choo

toot, toot, toot

noisy little puffer train!


I too am singing the tune beautifully, pity :o you can't hear!


We sing this as move from area to area in along line, the children love it and you can just sing over and over until you reach your destination.


Also just change the words to 'Wheels on the Bus' to 'Wheels on the train', verses include ,doors open shut, people on the train sway side to side, horn on the train goes toot, toot, toot, etc, etc, etc.

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there is a poem, can't remember what its calledbut i'm sure someone will know it, when you read it it sounds like a train if that makes sense, i will try and find it

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thanks, not sure which rhyme you mean but sounds interesting. Ive just found the runaway train on amazon, has anyone used it and is it any good?

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ok, well i found one which i will let you have but there is another one that mght be more appropriate depending on the age of the children - it might even be a story but it definaty sounds like a train. I hope someone knows because its annoying me now :o


Anyway this is by Robert Louis Stevenson


From a railway carridge


Faster than fairies, faster than witches,

bridges and houses, hedges and ditches:

and charging along like troops in a battle

All thriough the meadows the horses and cattle,

All of the sights of the hill and the plain,

fly as thick as driving rain

and ever again, in the wink of an eye

painted stations whistle by.


there is a second verse as well if you want, didn't know if this was the kind of thing you were looking for.


The adventures of the runaway train is a nice story by Benedict Blathwayt.


Anyway hope that helps!

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