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Left Parent Issue/complaint


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Hi All


Last month a child left quite suddenly a lovely family, always took a lot of interest at what their child had been doing etc The child missed sessions quite frequently as he was ill quite a lot. The parents wrote us a letter to say work commitments had changed and for financial reasons he wouldnt return.

Last week the parent came in to pay outstanding fees and had a very different attitude! requested all her sons work development notes, observation books etc and his clothes- not so pleasantly!

We provide shoe string bags for slippers and spare clothes as parents bring in huge bags. This mother as far as we are concernced didnt use shoe bag and carried on using her own large bag from home.

I told her I would look through the lost property box /spare clothes box-asked her if their were labelled she said they had his initials in them. I have since told her that we havent any of her sons clothes husband phoned today to say shall he invoice me for clothes?

Also that he has read our Oftsed report just been put on internet and he doesnt agree with some points on it such as Daily Sheets he disputes having received them and says he feels he ought to complain.

On our noticeboard we show our plans/activities for the week and mum always use to collect her son half way through or just as he was finishing lunch and would spend time talking to us about what he had been doing on some occassions because we spoke to her we didnt always give he a sheet.

What should I do? I will record it in our complaints log but any advice on what I should say to him and what about the clothes?

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oh dear thats terrible......


Well obviously something has upset them and you just have to positivly but firmly stand your ground and get through it, worse case senario he makes a complaint to Ofsted, i would ask the father to put his complaint in writing to you - then you can record it in your complaints book, sounds like he is just trying to frighten you for some reason. Whatever happens just keep as positive as you can :D

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It is awful when "issues" come out the blue, I don't think any one of us could plan for these moments, so, please don't let it knock your confidence in your ability to do a professional job. I agree with hali, ask for complaint in writing.

As for the clothes, have they given a detailed description of what clothes they were, make, label, size, colour even?, I bet none of my parents could. I would respond to the clothes issue in writing and state, you have searched the premises to no avail and that staff (witnesses) verify your knowledge that mum used own bag and took clothes home, and that it is certainly up to them if they want to take matters further, with the appropriatte authority. In other words, call their bluff.


Note to self: For future terms and conditions. Put a disclaimer of any responsibility for lost or damaged property / clothes / toys etc that come into the preschool from home.


I hope the situation calms down soon, these things are stressful, but try and keep their behaviour in the perspective it warrents ( if you know what I mean).



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Sorry to hear of yout problem - have made a note to myself as per suggestion of Peggys. Just would like to add, I'm sure you already are , I would make a note of verbal conversations you have had with the parents, I was glad I had done this several months back when we had a complaint against us and I was able to produce my notes to back me and my team up.



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sometimes these problems arise because the family has other problems at home nothing to do with you but they feel the need to moan at you almost as a knee jerk reaction I hope you understand what I mean


hopefully it will all blow over and if the worst happens and they complain, Ofsted is probably use to petty complaints from parents and will deal with the complaint accordingly.



I hope everything sorts its self out soon

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Under Ofsted's new complaint prededurs - I suggest you log this one. and write down what you replied and have done - ie looked for clothes and how you did verbal handovers because of timing... and then if it does go further you have your own record.


I wanted worry...


However if you are concerned that it was sudden... maybe there are other issues going on, esp. if attendence was irregular, and this is sudden... have you any cause to be alarmed?

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Hi sharonash,


Just to agree with the others and been the subject of a complaint, log everything - the phone call - what was said.

Write to them asking what clothes etc

Complete the example ofsted complaint form and do an internal investigation for everything they complained about.


Then you have all the evidence to prove you have done everything you can.

You know how much ofsted like evidence.

If they are going to make a complaint, you will have everything in place.


Good luck, but like peggy said "call their bluff"

They might be having probs and taking out on you.


Net x


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