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Unlearning Discrimination In The Early Years


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Unlearning discrimination in the early years by Babette Brown (Trentham books - ISBN 1-85856-122-1)

Challenges some of the preconceptions about early child development, enables those working with young children to talk about discrimination.

It includes this poem -


Through the eyes of a child

The Travelling life was wonderful

Nothing to do but play

Until we moved onto a site

And you're starting school today

Don't put him next to me

My Mam'll have a fit

They never have a wash

And they might have a nit


Watch him try and write

He can't even spell his name

God, he is so stupid

Isn't it a shame


He's sitting drawing pictures

Of a horse and caravan

He says he's going to own one

When he becomes a man


He knows the price of metals

Scrap and woolens too

He can prune a tree and tarmac

Sells carpets, flowers too


The bell rings for a break

It's time to take a walk

The Gypsy stands alone

nobody wants to talk


A group of boys come over

Shouting names at him

Two or three catch hold of him

While the others kick his shin


When they let him go

Our Gypsy he hits out

Then the dinner lady

runs over with a shout


Don't you hit our kids

You dirty Gyppo

I'm taking you to a teacher

He'll know just what to do


They go down the site

They want to see his dad

We don't want him at our school

He's behaving very bad


So now you know why Gypsies

Don't bother with the schools

Cause you end up the guilty ones

being treated just like fools


(written by a Gypsy child)

Julie Gentle :o

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Hi Lesley, I used this book for my first and secong modules of my DDP. I currently keep taking it out of the collage library, but I have now looking on ebay to buy it cheap! It'll come in handy for rest of my course. Fab book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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