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Hi there,


can someone please remind me how you make those cakes where you measure the ingredients to the weight of and egg please. :). Roughly how many cakes will it make?


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If this is what you mean....


If I'm making a sponge cake I weigh three eggs and then use the same ammount of butter, sugar and self-raising flour.


As for how many it makes...three eggs usually make an average 8" diameter sponge. Not sure about individual paper cases (fairy cakes).


Hope this is of some use




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There is another recipie which is easy for the children. It's on the site somewhere.

1 tablespoon of flour,

1 teaspoon marg., 1 teaspoon suagr,

a few currents/sultanas/chocolate drops

2 tablespoons (approx) milk/egg mixture {made from 2 eggs in pint of milk}

The children can mix these in their own bowls and put it into cake cases.

I think it makes around 18 cakes.

I had a recepie book made up for the children to see what was needed next and they did really well. :D

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