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NCMA campaign against publication of RCM adresses


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thank you for including this

some Childminders are understandably very concerned about this


Ofsted are trying to bring Childminding in line with Nursery's and pre- schools

BUT they need to understand that Childminding is different the setting is also a private home

some Childminders are single parents who do not want to advertise this fact or thier home address to everyone


parents use Childminders for various reason but one consideration can be that it is a small setting that is not usually public knowlege (as in the case of a child who is under threat of abduction) up until now Childminders have had the right to NOT be on a public list


the CIS give put information to parents requesting childcare thier web site only displays the information that the Childminder has said they can use - in most cases this is name and post code or phone number


what do other settings think??

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I thought I had already replied to this so if it turns up apologies in advance :o


I recieved a campaign update this morning, it included this paragraph


following a meeting with the Rt Hon Charles clarke MP on 26 March NCMA has been informed that Ofsted has agreed to have a wider consultation an discussion about the issue of publishing childminders' names and addresses on its website


at least they have listened and hopefully a sensible solution can be found that will enable childminders to keep thier addresses off the internet and parents to find out as much information about the person who is looking after thier child



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