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Christmas Wishes And Forum Update!


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Hi -

For all of you whose email addresses are not up to date and therefore won't receive this latest update, I've repeated it below. For those of you who have received it by email, you don't need to read this! :D



Hello all -

This is the briefest of updates – an excuse really (as I suddenly realise that we’re just about to collide with the end of the year) to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year.


One quick update notice then. For those of you who only ever head straight to the forum, you might like to visit the front page (www.foundation-stage.info), as we’ve recently changed this to allow easier access to the changing content of the site, in the form of news, articles and product reviews. I hope this proves useful as we have plans to increase the amount of new content on the site next year.


Additionally I’d like to thank you for your company this year! It has been a great experience to participate in the growth of the forum, since we tentatively launched it in March. I look forward to seeing the community strengthen and grow in 2004.


From Helen and me, and from your forum moderators Susan, Mundia, Linda McDowell and Nicola Call, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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