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Staff Accused Of Child Abuse


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Just been going through various Ofsted reports, sad I know, to find out what my local inspectors are reviewing as I am being Ofsteded in Feb. One thing that seems to have come to light is that they would like to see a policy/procedure should one of our staff is accused of child abuse. Has anyone got anything I could use or look at please?

Many thanks


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Hi Nikki

We incorporated a section into our child protection policy about what we do if we had a member of staff accused of abuse-the OFSTED inspectors were pleased about that. We used our area protection document, a file given to us by Stockport LEA, and adapted bits from that. It includes the contact numbers etc. for our area and the process you have to go through. Do you have access to this sort of thing where you are?

If you like I could let you have some details from our policy-just let me know.


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