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Conservation Of Number Activities Help!


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I have a group of children who are having problems with conservation of number. I know this sounds formal!!! and probably very stiff. However, this is their next progressive step. I am just beginning my planning and need any creative, practical, activities that will help their development in this particular area. My TA is working with them each day on this particular aspect of development and I'm running out of good ideas so HELP!!! :o

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Hi Emmai, Do you have access to the computer/internet at school/nursery? If you have then this might help children to visualise numbers. Try the following websites for ideas:



www.interactive-resources.co.uk (lots of free evaluation materials)




Hope you find some inspiration!

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Hi Emma, Im not sure if I really spend a lot of time specifically teaching this, but build it in to counting activities by asking questions like 'if we start counting here, how many will there be?' (followed by 'how do you know?') or 'can we start counting anywhere'?


Sometimes ill gather a set of beakers (any object will do but they stack in differnt ways so you can make many arrrnagents) and put say 10 (or 5) out on a table, and ask the chidlren how many there are. then Ill move them into a diferent arrnagment (whilst the children are looking) and ask again. I fnd that the children soon get this, and those that dont are usually ther less confident counters.


I also do counting round the class,where we sit in a circle and the chidlren each say a number in order-they have to stay alert to know what number they have to say. For some reason the children love this and I extend this when i have worked in year 1. Then i ask if we start counting from a differnt person or go around the other way how many will will we count to. It isnt usually long before they 'know' the answer. The children become very observant about knwoing if someone has joined or left the circle and therfore become quite competant at one more/less at the same time.


does that help?

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Oh, mundia!


I do like that last idea! Can't think why it's never occurred to me before! I have so missed your input, good to see you back again!


Sue x

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