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Bespoke Frameworks Summative Assessment Screen


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Today we have released a Summative Assessment screen for Bespoke Frameworks. That joins the Thoroughness screens in the Tracking menu.  

Those of you who have added one or more Bespoke Frameworks can use this screen to: 

View and monitor attainment for each child in each period.  
You’ll be able to see the assessments that have already been made. This is shown via a tick next to the parts of your framework that have been selected, and a drop down displaying the most recently chosen scale. 
You’ll also be able to tap on ‘Show Details’ to see a list of the corresponding observations and any overrides that have been made in this period.  




Override any assessments you think need updating, and add quick new assessments.  
You can use the tick boxes and scale drop downs to make assessments – these can be overrides of existing ones or filling in gaps. You can add as many assessments as you like in one go, but they will have to be per child.  
Once you have saved your assessments, a new ‘staff only’ observation will be created to act as a record – that way you will be able to easily see who added the assessments and when. You can edit those observations to add any notes or evidence if you’d like.  




Lock each period for each child.
If a period is not quite over yet, but you don’t want any further observations made during it to impact what is recorded in the summative assessment screen, you can ‘Lock’ it.  




Export data to CSV or PDF.



This is our latest monitoring screen for bespoke frameworks, but it won’t be last! The next one is most likely to focus on progress. If you have requests for what you’d like to see in that, please get in touch – customer.service@eyfs.info


The Bespoke Frameworks feature is available to all Tapestry users as part of your subscription. To see more about it please take a look at our Bespoke Framework feature page.  


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