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On a recent visit from our local early years team, we were told to set the writing area up so the children had free and easy access to a variety of writing materials, including application forms, different paper, writing implements etc.


We were told to scrap photocopiable sheets as activities (which I was more than happy to do) but now we're all struggling for activity ideas for the writing area and planning for 'free writing' isn't really enough! xD


We're really looking for general writing activities, not necessarily connected to the theme, as I think we will struggle, regardless of the theme. This area has never been my strong point.. Give me creative any day! :D


Our theme this month is Old and New and we are finding that it is very wide, covering all sorts of areas. However, I'm hoping that general activity ideas for the writing area can be adapted to suit the theme. Does that make sense? It is rather late, so apologies if not! :o



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We have free access for the writing area most of the time-so there are forms, envelopes, party invites, colouring sheets etc. They also have access to different types of crayons, pens, pencils, ink stamps, hole pucnches (the ones that cut different shapes), scissors, paper clips etc.

Then some days we put out white boards and pens, chalks and boards, Magnadoodles, letters for the children to draw round, tracing cards and paper. On these days we cover over the rest of the equipment.


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Our area is much as Linda,

having to put away daily we have a large veg trolley on wheels with paper variety of writing implements, ( we have removed felt tips as we found they were so used to not having to push down on the pens they could not use pencils effectively!)


we also have a few templates for drawing round, not often used but helps encourage some of the less willing (dare I say boys) to mark make more as there are dinsosaurs, and cars, as well as a few animals etc. we had to remove ink stamps as the group we have at this time seem to have a tendancy to write on tables, walls etc.... we have developed a 'consequences of own actions approach ' if they make the marks they then have to spend time cleaning them off. works for some but not all.


we have magna doodles on the trolley all the time too as they are also helpful for the less than willing markmaker.


we add at intervals different paperwork, forms etc gleaned from places like the post office, and junk mail that comes through everyones doors for the children to 'fill in' (I know some on the forum actually return the junkmail ones to the people concerned)


we have large notebooks and exercise books that the children write and draw in then return to the trolley, they enjoy sharing and writing a book and will give it to us when full for replacement. we have been lucky to have some donated over regular intervals for this.


free mark making is also encorporated in other areas, home corner with notebooks, diaries and telephones etc, craft area for putting mark on own work, as well as the painting easel pens attaced for same.


And of course the pre-writing skills needed are found in lots of areas. we often have to remind ourselves that writing and markmaking is only achieved once so many other skills have been covered.


we have this area set up as child initiated continuous planning rather than 'activity ideas' and allow children free access with adult support.




forgot to say we also made a few letter cards and number cards which are on the trolley for children to use if they wish.


Aslo have chalk boards, white boards tracing etc occasionally.

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Hi, this is my first posting, so not sure whether you will be able to see this!...


I logged onto this site a few weeks ago and am now hooked! Reading postings at all times of the day.


Love the replies you've had about writing areas - I'll certainly use them. (helping to set up new nursery).


Just few thoughts for your 'old n new' topic with regards to writing:-

How about letting children experiment with quills dipped into watery paint - (mind you, not so sure how p.c. feathers are at the moment!)

Could use playdough with rubber stamps like the 'seal' on envelopes.

Children also love rolling parchment type paper and typing with ribbon.

Could also have basic paper making activity.

Could also take some old fountain pens apart and explore the different ways they suck up ink!

Also could use playdough

also, don't forget outside - Writing onto bark outside with charcoal.

Show picture examaples of early cave symbols and get children to chalk onto outside walls (they can pretend they're cave walls - perhaps make den by wall).


Hope helpful.


Good luck.


Good luck

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Lots of great ideas so far,

Welcome to the forum Monica :D


We offer continuous provision rather than specific activities, just change the resources now and again. We also display different types of writing near our writing area. We have of course the Alphabet, examples of chinese and arabic writing too.

We had great success using feathers and black paint, boys especially interested, these were introduced for chinese new year to write chinese letters with, they are now freely available in our creative are ( which is next to the writing area).

As others have said, placing note books, pens/pencils around the setting, is a good idea, you only have to look at your own home to know that pen and paper is never in the "right place" or ever next to the telephone when you need it. Apart from the bedroom :o (blush) paper and pens are everywhere. Even the proverbial crossword in the loo. Now there's an idea, blank crossword grids. :D


Have fun.



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We have a number of writing areas around the unit and often find the 'best' work happens in unexpected places. For example boys writing instructions on post it notes for the student to build something in the block play area. They like sticking them on her so she wont forget :o Job sheets in the DT workshop and the obvious writing in small world and role play. In the more formal writing area we include whiteboards/ chalkboards/ different sized and shaped paper and card/ made books/ scrolls made from rolled up paper/tracing paper/ some sample registers/ reporters note books/ coloured paper and card/ chalk felt pens different thichnesses/feathers/lollysticks/thick and thin pencils/biros/thich markers/cotton buds/coloured pencils/ crayons/hilighters/patels/paperclips/stapler/holepunch/date stamps/post it notes/post cards/greeting cards/envelopes/diaries/forms (try post office) junk mail/class lists


put a message pad next to the phone

give the receptionist an appointment book

a post box

shopping list

signs on big sheets of paper

a prescription pad for the doctor

part invitations

baby record cards

menus for the cafe



secret messages


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like Peggy, we offer continuous provision in the writing area so their is always a range of stuff their at all times. However, we do also add 'themed' stuff to 'enhance' it where appropriate.

For example, just having done a 'people who help us' topic before Easter, we set it up like a police station by putting in inkpads and a sheet for 'fingerprints' a template for a 'wanted' poster, lost dog etc. put a poster of policemen in too and a telephone, walkie talkies, a bell, couple of police note books and police tabards. While still having the opportunity to use paperclips, sellotape, paperfasteners, plain, lined paper and a range of marker pens etc which are always there.

I am now trying to think of things to enhance it this week or so.

Looking forward to hearing what others come up with.



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Like many others we provide a continuous provision in the mark marking area. Our resources are in a trolley. The draws are labelled with text and with a picture of the equipment so that the children can readily tidy away.


We tend to used shaped paper relevant to our theme e.g. sunflower shapes when the theme is growing etc.etc.


We also have writing materials at various activities around the room

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Like many others we provide a continuous provision in the mark marking area.  Our resources are in a trolley.  The draws are labelled with text and with a picture of the equipment so that the children can readily tidy away.


We tend to used shaped paper relevant to our theme e.g. sunflower shapes when the theme is growing etc.etc.


We also have writing materials at various activities around the room




Our current topic is Jungle so we have twig pencils and leaf shaped paper in the role play :) plus notebooks etc

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Some of the things are mentioned on here are so eas and simple - doh - why hadn't i thought of them - thanks guys.

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hi Carla and welcome!

Thanks for making your first posts, even though you have been a member for a while, its always good when someone new joins in! Hope youre not going to stay silent again now!!

I have seen your stuff on TES so am I sure it will be well received here.

I think you will need to contact Steve to change your user name, send him a PM, I cant see how to direct you to do it but you could try looking at your control panel too. (top left of page!)

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Hiya Susan


I can't believe I've not gone with the Full Subscription until now. I'm unfortunately not going to get my ironing done now as I'm addicted.


Such a fantastic site!!!


Thanks for your kind welcome :)

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Carla can I just say I think that's a very well thought-out document and I'm grateful that you posted it, as I'm sure others will be,too.


Welcome to the forum! Who wants to iron in this heat anyway?!

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