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Management system update: Extra Charges, Assign Bill payers, and more. 


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We have just released the latest round of management system features! This round includes the following: 


 1. Extra Charges  

You can now add products, services, and consumables as ‘Extra Charges’. You’ll set the price for each of these when you create them. You’ll then attach the relevant ones to each child’s Regular Schedule or as one-off extras to automatically appear on their next invoice.  

2. Assign bill payers and send invoice links 

This release gives you the ability to select the bill payer/s for each child from their list of relatives. After you’ve generated an invoice, you can choose to send it directly to them simply by clicking the ‘Send’ button when viewing the invoice, or ‘Send invoice’ from the cog on the full list of invoices.  
Those parents and carers will then receive an email and an internal Tapestry notification with a link to the invoice in.  

3. A filter for invoice statuses  

Next time you go to your list of invoices, you’ll be able to see a new ‘status’ filter. With this filter you can select which types of invoice you’d like to see, meaning you can quickly and easily hide ‘cancelled’ ones, pick out the ones that are currently ‘unsent’, or find those that are ‘sent’ but not marked as ‘paid’ yet.  

4. Prefilled new Regular Schedules based on the child’s previous one.  

To save you some time when you’re adding in your new Extra Charges or when you just want to make a small change to a child’s Regular Schedule, new Regular Schedules will now auto-populate with the child’s most recent previous schedule. You can then edit, add, and remove those sessions and charges as necessary.  

5. New configuration options for invoices  
If your bill payers find the full breakdown of Regular Schedules on invoices a little bit too much, you can swap that out, or additionally include, a summary view for the PDF. That still shows the different sessions that are included but tells you the quantity of each session rather than listing each individually. With both the summary and detailed view you can choose whether to include the rates you charge or not.  

6. Additional tweaks 

We've also included a few little tweaks to improve the general usability of the Invoices feature:
- Session prices visible on the Sessions Config overview page.
- Invoices of children with the statuses ‘Awaiting Deletion’ and ‘Inactive’ remain on your Invoices list (but please do still export copies of all their invoices for your own records).
- An improvement to the 
"next child" functionality when working through invoices.


You can read more about the Invoices feature on our website

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