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Okay... let me put this in context.


We're currently reviewing our FS/KS1 transition and obviously we'd like the FS to move up into KS1... but there are still issues that the SMT have because of SATS.


Sooooo.... we've said that we can keep the independent learning/structured play element if we can plan for it in more detail... so that basically... what the head wants is to be able to look around the room at a class full of children 'playing' and be able to see straight away what they are learning!!! :o


Now, although to me, it's already obvious what tthey're learning I bit my lip. So anyway... if this whole thing means that we can take play into yaer 1 I fugured it'll be worth the extra bit of planning to keep the SMT happy.


So could people please give me an idea of how much detail they put into their plans for play? All we do at present is indicate which ELGs or stepping stones the play-task relates to... which FSP (if any) statement could be used for the profile and the learning intentions and success criteria...


ideas on a postcard?


Cheers ~ Paul

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Sounds like a tall order to me! Especially for a Friday.


I know you will know this, but my initial thought is.... what we plan for the children to learn, and/or what WE think they are learning might be (or probably is) quite different from what a child does actually learn..


Sorry this dosen't really help at moment, but I'll have a think.

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Crikey - I thought I planned in detail but writing down an ELG for every independent activity :o. I don't because, as Bungalow said, I've always tended to think that I can't possibly know exactly what children will do with an activity if I'm not there supervising it. I just put, in brackets, the areas of learning that I think an activity might encompass. For example, if I plan to put out the farm set as an independent activity, next to this on my plans I'll put, in brackets, (CD, KUW, PSED). I don't have success criteria for independent activities either as what I think the children might do they often don't but often go off in their own direction but then this is relevant to them. Have I got this wrong?

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I don't even link it to the areas of learning anymore Moose, so if yours is wrong, mine is VERY wrong :o


I plan in detail for the focused carpet sessions and activities for all 6 areas of learning. In terms of the resources we put out, I just put what they are in each learning bay inside, and then for each of the 6 areas for outside (with about 3 focused outside activities a week - although not all of the children do them).


We are doing the same thing in school though Paul, and I'll be leading it coming in. But this won't really be until September, because we need some time to convince the KS1 teachers (most seem happy). I'm on the SMT so it's been easy to bring this up, and it's something the head really wants.


Anyway, some initial ideas I've been thinking about are:

- Plan, Do, Review sessions (they've been discussed on here in some detail before)

- Task cards (I've included an example at the bottom, but will only open if you’ve got Publisher). I use these with my Reception class at the moment. I introduce them with the activity and then leave it nearby. Most of the children take no notice, but some do, and it helps other adults who might be supporting play. They might keep your SMT happy too!! (I laminate them and then fold them over so it has writing on both sides)

- A more activity based Literacy and Numeracy - not def sure how this would work yet. Possibly something like the carousel system, but with a lot of emphasis on play based practical activities. This would also free the teacher up more easily to support his/her guided writing (or whatever) group.

- More use of the outdoor environment - We're lucky because we've got lots of space, but none of the KS1 classrooms have an outdoor area directly attached to their classrooms yet. I'll try to encourage the KS1 teachers to plan in the use of the outdoor for more of their sessions.


Will be adding / changing ideas during this term, and am in the process of making an action plan, so will post this when it is done if it would be any help.


Good luck



Sorry - just tried to attach task card but it won't let me cause it's in publisher. Does anyone know how to do this?

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I don't think that this site accepts Publisher files as I've tried to attach some recently but they weren't accepted either.

if you are looking to move FS style practice into Y1 then have you looked at 'Continuing the Learning Journey' which deals with the issues you mention. There is a day's training package and it has a section specifically for SMT about Assessment etc. For Y1 you will have to relate what they are learning to the NC objectives/skills, but plan in the cross-curicula way, as is done in FS. Your continuous provision will be set up to encourage play activities to support the children at NC levels of learning.

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Ah your post popped in while I was writing mine Peggy, so we crossed. I wanted to add a home/school booklet that someone wanted examples of. It was in a Publisher three way booklet and transfering it into word altered it completely unfortunately.

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