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The advertising criteria for this forum are as follows:

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The advertising criteria for FSF are as follows:

  • Subscribing Local Authorities can advertise any of their courses that are open to 'out of LA' people.
  • We will advertise courses that are free or under £50 from other national providers with whom we have a connection: NDNA, PLA, Early Ed, Ofsted, DfE etc
  • We will not advertise courses from private companies or companies run by individuals as part of their own consultancy business
  • We will advertise accredited courses run by charities
  • The FSF Admin team reserve the right not to post any course or event at their discretion
  • You can use the search bar above this text on the right hand side - search by key words for subject, town or county to find courses near you.

If you need any help or guidance then please email sue@eyfs.info

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