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This new feature is one we’ve been looking forward to for a while.

You can now add your own bespoke frameworks to Tapestry and assess against them within your observations. Any you add will only be visible to the staff and (if you enable it for them) the relatives on your account.

You’ll need to create each framework in a spreadsheet. You can find instructions on what that should look like and the format it needs to be saved in when you go to the feature on Tapestry or within our tutorials. You can then upload it to Tapestry using our Bespoke Framework Importer. From there you’ll tell us which part or parts of the framework you want to be able to select and which are just headings. You’ll also be able to create a ‘scale’ to use when you’re making an assessment. This will allow you to record a more detailed assessment than just a tick – like refinements, or tiers.

You’ll be able to edit your framework at any point and add as many different ones as you like.

Bespoke frameworks need to be uploaded and edited on the browser version of Tapestry. Your enabled framework will appear on the browser and iOS app when you view and create observations, and it will be available on the Android app after the next update (coming soon!).  

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