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How do we know if memos have been read?

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I read a question from 2020 asking if it would be possible to know whether parents have read a memo or not? Was this ever looked into at all?  I would really like to know whether my parents have read my memo even though they haven’t liked or commented- thanks

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On 26/03/2022 at 14:05, finleysmaid said:

Im sure someone more helpful than me will answer this but ...if you go to control panel and look up email log you can work out what parents are accessing...any use?

apologies...meant history! not email log

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Hi @Amesbury

I'm afraid we don't yet have history entries relating to access for Memos at this stage, although it is something we are looking at adding to the History section of the Control Panel! I've made a note that you have asked for it so we can keep you updated 🙂

I'm sorry we can't be of more help just yet!


Tapestry Product Support

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