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I know I'm a bit of a night bird, but I always seem to be the last one here!!

I don't care, though, this site is great!!!!!!!


I've been out celebrating again although there is nothing specific that I want to celebrate!! Oh well!!


All of you are fantastic and without you, I dont think I would've gotten my new job or be doing the things I'm doing now, so A BIG THANK YOU!!! to all of you!!


You're all brilliant!!


Clare xxx

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Goodness - I thought I was up late last night till I saw the times of your posts, Clare and Barb... :o


Another 45 posts till you're an inhabitant Clare - the numbers are 250 for Forum Inhabitant, 500 for Part of the Furniture and 1000 for Forum Gardener. Oh, and 2000 for the Landscape Design and Gardening Consultancy one, although that was a bit of a desperate move for me - I was running out of ideas!


So, 45 posts it is. Sometime later on today I guess, at your current rate. xD


And by way of an early celebration I've changed your username. You're now Clare, the member formerly known as Loopylou. :)

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Just to let you know that my celebrations came to a dramatic end at some point this morning (around 4, i think :o !)


Somehow I don't think I'll be the last one in tonight!!!


I'm glad Beau, that I am not the only one who doesn't need an excuse! :D

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Its usually me that burns the night oil, glad that there is company on here!

I will look out for you!






Hi Michaelle!


I've been waiting and waiting for you for ages! Well, that's my excuse anyway xD ! Might have to have an early one tonight though, what with going back to work :D in a couple of days. Time to get back into the routine :o !

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