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Staff view only as default (Relatives can only submit and see own observations, but no one elses inc. the schools)


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Hello there,

We are currently using Tapestry very successfully in our Primary. I've been set a little bit of a permissions challenge, so I thought I'd reach out here.

Staff want to make it possible for parents to submit their own assessments, but not yet see any assessments posted by school staff. I seem to have tweaked a test relative account to do this but is there any best practice for this? At the moment they're marking everything as staff view only but they have to do this manually each time. Is there any feature that allows you to set this by default?

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Hi paulkerton,

First of all, welcome to the Forum!

I am afraid that it is not possible to set 'staff view only' as the default option. However, staff members can simply update this from the options box as they create the observation.

As it stands right now, all observations will be automatically set to 'not in journal'. If you want the actual assessments that you might have added to these observations to count towards your monitoring screens, then that is possible.

All you need to do is go to control panel > settings > summative assessments > and then tick the box at the top that reads 'Include assessments from unapproved observations'. Do make sure to save the changes!

From then on, assessments from unapproved observations will feed through to the monitoring screens, and you will still be making sure that relatives do not see these observations until you are ready to publish them.

Would this work for you?

Best wishes,


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