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Small improvements made in October


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Tapestry is constantly being worked on. Although we tend to only announce big new features in our newsletters, social media pages, home page colourful boxes, and yellow banners, we make small improvements every month. Here are some of the most interesting small additions made in October:

  • The ability to sort the Activities Catalogue by ‘most recent’. This means you’ll be able to see the latest activity suggestions at the top of your page, rather than having to scroll though the list.


  • The ability to edit which children you’re exporting a PDF journal for after you’ve already started the process of deciding what’s included.
  • A new filter on the Observation page so you can look for posts that don’t have any flags selected.


  • Permanent removal of the P Scales assessment framework for new users and for the accounts that have already turned it off. The official advice is that P scales should no longer be used. We have left it on for the people who are still using it, but will be removing it for most of them over the Christmas holiday. If you think that affects you and you haven’t already spoken to us about it, please do get in touch – email customer.service@eyfs.info.
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