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Anyone got any new and interesting activities for Christmas. I bring out all of the old favourites each year xD and felt like a bit of a change for this year! :o

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We do lots of different activities during free choice time:


gift tags(decoupage-type), with ribbon/string threading

christmas cards (so many variations)

tree decorations (many and varied, too many too mention)

christmas painting/printing (red, green, gold)

christmas threadings with big beads (see below), donated baubles, christmas card cut-outs (hole-punched), etc (on string, ribbone or tinsel - 18p for 3m from Tesco); likewise christmas necklaces (on tinsel or ribbon)

mince pies (ready made pastry and veggie mincemeat)

glittery playdough (red, green, yellow) - with christmassy cutters

salt dough Christmas decorations

paper chains

decorating (and re-decorating) our christmas trees

decorating the playhouse with home-made paper chains, etc.

turning junk modelling into present wrapping (loads of boxes, colourful paper - even just coloured newspaper, plus glue, or sellotape if you're feeling flush)making christmas crackers (half kitchen roll tubes) - and pop in a surprise (e.g. little packet of raisins) before they go home


Plus we do a whole range of whole group activities.


And, if any of you ever come across one of those beaded car seats - cut it up and reclaim the beads (similarly beaded door curtains, which can go through the dishwasher before you dismantle them).


sorry, I'm a rambler (a pre-school rambler). and gosh these are all the obvious things.



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Hi Diane -

Never worry about rambling! You started the list off. Others will add to it. In the end we'll have a huge long list; some items will be old hat to some (but not all), others will be memory joggers, and still others will be new and very exciting to many.


And you will have started it! Many thanks! :D

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