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Create your own Flag Sets with ‘Bespoke Flags’


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You may have already started using flags within your observations and reflections. They are premade sets of single words or phrases which you can use to categorise your observations and reflections.

Some examples of the existing flag sets are ‘EYFS 2021’, which let you highlight when an observation or reflection is about a specific area of learning, and the ‘Play’ flags, which let you say when a post includes an example of a particular type of play (‘Free play’, ‘Construction play’, ‘Games with rules’ etc).

These were created by the Tapestry team, but if you have ideas for your own unique ones, or you’d like to create your own versions with the specific words you use in your school or settings, you now can!

Within the control panel of the browser version of Tapestry, you’ll find an easy to use interface for managers to create and order them. Our ‘Bespoke flags: adding and editing flag sets’ tutorial explains how.

This latest feature gives you the flexibility of hashtags without the downsides of having to remember which words/phrases you’re using or the risk of typos. They’re a bit prettier too – they show up as little colourful labels (colours you can set yourself).

As with hashtags, you can click on flags within saved observations or reflections to find other posts with the same flag selected. You can also use the ‘Flags’ tab at the top of the Observations and Reflections pages to find them.  

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