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Hi I am trying to make a list of books that offer postive images of children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, I really feel that there are far too few books that have pictures of children from non white backgrounds.


Classic example "Handas surprise" african child, living in mud hut... dosnt bear any resembles to my children who are of black heritage and live in the middle of a city.


When it comes to Asian, Indian or Pakistan children there seems even fewer books.


I am really looking for good everyday stories that have pictures of children of ALL backgrounds, not necessary books on Divali etc


I really feel it is important to have books that our children can relate to, if you know of any please post them here.....come on restore my faith in childrens literature!


Thanks :o

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Have you checked the Oxfam website- found a lovely book following growing a pumpkin seed and counting to 10. Also C is for China as wel as a range of toher books for children. They have lots of books for early years looking at play/ homes/ food (lift the flap books, ideas about play- I have played some of the games with our nursery/ reception children- Ram, ram rip being a favourite- children have to hold your fingers whilst you count to a specifeid number- say 6- on six you are free to catch a finger!! Great for listening skills!!!!!!!!!!). Have you contacted your LEA cultural support services (in Warwickshire this serve is called Inter cultural Support Services) they should be able to recommend texts. There is also a London based bookshp which specialises in multicultual books (I will have to look for their address). Could also use photographs (check Oxfams websie and the SEAL materials for positive images.


I am currently responsible for promoting diversity within our school on a fairly limited budget (currently zilch! should change next year after SEF) and I have to say the Oxfam website is great for texts for children, ideas for teaching nursery upwards, and also for professional develpment. What about tying into the current teachers for schools campaign (following on from send my friend to school).



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I have just bought 5 of a series of books about learning to get along. They have positive images of different ethnic backgrounds and disabilities. They are good for PSED as they talk about sharing, taking turns, looking after the environment etc.

I got them from the Festival shop, the website can be found here.


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amazing grace, green banana hunt, jamaica's find, jamaica and brianna, so much, happy christmas gemma, all show children in ordinary settings.




Catma you have saved my sanity Ive been racking my brains all day trying to remember Jamaica's find tried every combination of names beginning with J what with that and number 17 xD:( :wacko: :o:(:(

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