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Hi all,


In the standards no. 4.7 it states 'The following space standards represent minimum space per child for the whole provision'


Does that mean if you have a main room plus a side room you can combine the two areas to get the maximum square footage per child? or can you only include the main room that the children play in? :D

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Hi Hali,


I think you're right in concluding it means the entire space, but if I'm wrong, anyone, please correct me! Equally, you will have to apply the standard for the youngest children that use this space.



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Dear Hali

I also think you can include the two but don't forget that you have to calculate the floor space taking out the equipment - i.e. tables, chairs storage etc. How people caluclate this is a mystery to me but I do know that some groups offer a very small space and I certainly wouldn't want my children in such an enclosed space.


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When we work with new providers, we calculate it on 'available play space' which translates into non-Ofsted speak as any area that can be used for play.


If the room has fixtures that are non-moveable, they must be taken out of the equation i.e. sink units, fixed bookshelves BUT if it can be moved, you can use the whole space (cue rush for storage on wheels!!)


You can combine the two spaces and have a free flow extension area, quiet area/messy area etc.. You may have to apply for a 'variable' registration for 2-5 year olds, so the space would be averaged out per child - contact Ofsted or your local Early Years Development Team to see if they can confirm things for you.




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