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Update to the Android and Fire apps


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This latest update (version 4.0.3) comes with a collection of new features.

You can now use the Android and Fire Tapestry apps to:

  • Add and view flags

Adding flags is just for staff members, but you can decide if you want relatives to be able to see them too when you turn on each flag set.

  • Record audio clips and attach those to observations
  • Switch between separate Tapestry packages

This is a feature for you if you have multiple Tapestry logins e.g. if you have children at two different schools/settings or you are an educator covering multiple year groups and each year group at your school uses a different Tapestry account. It stores a list of the accounts you’ve recently logged into on the device you’re using and lets you access the PIN screen of any of them. You can choose which account you want by clicking on the new ‘switch school/nursery/childminder’ button.

  • Reply to observations with an observation

This new button at the bottom of observations lets you create a new observation and have it automatically linked to the observation you’re replying to via ‘page links’. 


This update also contains quite a few bug fixes meaning your experience with the app should be smoother and generally better!

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