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So for the last year we have been using our forest school more and more since it is much safer to be outside with the children currently.


The children are loving using our amazing forest on site however as with everything it needs some TLC. 

We are a local nursery for 2-4 year old's and from what i can see there isn't really any funding out there for Nurseries.

A teacher in school pointed me towards https://www.ltl.org.uk/nature-grant/ however this is only for ages 5+ and for schools.


Does anyone know of anywhere that is offering grants or resources for nurseries? 



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There are lots of grants available but you need to do the research in your area. Ask your council they will probably have some funding arms they can point you too. 

The co-op had a community fund

There will be a list of trusts in your area (google)

There will be voluntary groups like Lions and Rotary who can help with actual labour (volunteers)

You could try learning through landscapes as a connection too.

How much do you need to raise? and what sort of things?

Do you have any parents who work for banks/airlines/ large companies?? they may help too.

We raised £1000 from a raffle at xmas and have just put in a bid for over £1000 for waterproofs

my motto is if you don't ask you don't get!!



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