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How to switch school/nursery/childminder on the new Android app (Relatives)


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This guide will show you how to log in and switch between multiple Tapestry accounts using the Tapestry Android app.

In this context 'Tapestry account' refers to a single Tapestry subscription where children, staff and relatives are registered. We don't mean the login details held by individual users.

This feature can save you time because you won't need to press 'Logout' to open a completely different Tapestry account. You can now use your PIN to switch between two or more Tapestry accounts.

 This feature is useful for:

  • A relative user who has children attending two or more settings that use Tapestry
  • A relative user who has children in multiple Tapestry accounts at the same setting

There are some limitations so it's worth knowing what usage this won't work for. There are no danger in ignoring this advice, it will just not work correctly!

Do not use if:

  • You are a parent user and a staff user within one Tapestry account
  • You are a relative user and share the same device with another relative user who has separate login details
  • You are trying to do anything involving multiple logins within a single Tapestry account



Using the feature

1) Make sure you have the latest Tapestry Android app installed on your device (Version 4.0.3 or above). This can be found via the Google Play Store or Amazon app store.

If you have 'Tapestry Classic' installed (versions 3.0 to 3.2.22 ) this feature won't be available, and you can't auto update to 4.0.3. You need to delete this older version of Tapestry and download the new app from the links above.


2) Sign into Tapestry using one of the Tapestry accounts you want to be able to switch between. In this case we are logging into 'Tapestry Nursery' with the relative 'Tim Higgins':



3) When you have logged into the first Tapestry account you need to press the 'You' button to open the 'You Menu', and then select 'Lock Screen':








As an alternative to step 3) you can use your device's lock button, and then unlock the screen again. When you open Tapestry again it should take you to the PIN Lock screen automatically.


4) On the PIN lock screen you may notice that the 'Switch School / nursery / child minder' option has appeared. It's important that you don't tap this yet because Tapestry needs to record a successfully PIN login with your first Tapestry account before the feature will work. Just enter your PIN to login code and repeat step 3) again.





5) Once you have logged in using your PIN at least once you can then press the 'Switch School / nursery / child minder' button:


Screenshot_20210913-154436 - Copy.png



On the next screen you will only see the first Tapestry account set up (Tapestry Nursery) and the option to add a new Tapestry login. More accounts will appear here once you have logged in to them.

Tap on 'New Tapestry Login' to proceed.





Login to the second Tapestry account you want to access. In this case we will be logging into 'Tapestry School'


Via the you menu return to the PIN lock screen again:




6) Login to the second Tapestry account using your PIN





7) This takes you to where you can see the two different accounts (Tapestry Nursery and Tapestry School). Tapping on either will take you to the PIN login screen for that account. 



The different logins will remain active for switching indefinitely until you press 'Logout' for each Tapestry account, or clear saved data from the app.



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