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Now the furlough is coming to an end and the new support for employers come in, The Job Support Scheme. 

Again if we receive funding for 2 and 3 year old we will only receive a proportion of this. 

What it doesn’t state is how do we work out the proportion as surely it can’t be based on our income in Feb 2020 again! 

Gov website states:

Bodies in receipt of public funds

Organisations that have staff costs that are fully publicly funded (even if they are not in the public sector), should use that money to continue paying their staff, and not use the Job Support Scheme.

Organisations can use the scheme if they are not fully funded by public grants, for the proportion of their revenue disrupted due to coronavirus. They should contact their sponsor department or respective administration for further guidance.Those that do claim should do so using the same process as all other employers’.

When will we find out how to calculate this as there were sorry many different ways people were calculating the Furlough pay for their employees with some under claiming and some over claiming. 



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