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i want to start adding reports to the childs account eg conversation with parents re speech or toilet training or just general, this then can be added to a memo so parent will have a copy too.  basically cut a long story short its written evidence for the parent to have about the conversations we have.

is it possible to have a template of just notes etc not having to untick all the framework agebands etc.  

Uploading media or files is fine but just a simpler form ?

thank you


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Hi Cheryl, 

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

Based on what you are telling us I believe that there are three places that you can record all of these conversations:

  • You can create an observation called 'Child Name Conversation Report'. You can leave this observation as 'Not in journal' so the relative cannot see it until the end of the year, when you can publish it. You can ignore the assessments section entirely, there's no need to add assessments to an observation. You can then come back to this same observation whenever you have a conversation with the relative and make a record of it by editing it and making sure that you also record the day and time of each conversation. So you might have '16 September 2020' followed by the conversation had that day, and then underneath you might edit it to add '25 October 2020' and your conversation then. At the end of the academic year you will be able to publish the observation and have it exported within the child's journal.
  • You can do the same as above but via a Memo. The thing with memos, however, is that they are not added to the children's journals, so at the end of the academic year you'd need to export this separately to provide the relative with a copy. 
  • You can create an actual report from the Reports section across the top. If you don't want to include any assessments, you can simply click on 'Hide Section' at the top right hand side corner of the Assessments section to remove this section from the report entirely. You can then just use the rest of the sections as you wish, hiding any you do not need. Reports can be added to the child's journal at the end of the year, so that's quite handy!



I hope this was helpfu, but do let me know if you have any questions about this!

Best wishes,


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thank you Olaya

thats perfect thank you,  we have started using the reports as we can attach this to a memo so they can sign it (so we know they have read it)

Just wondering whether there is a simpler version so i don't have to "hide section" on the reports on 80% of it.  eg like the 2 year report only has the prime areas.?

many thanks


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