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Children: How to view Activities


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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to view Activities on Tapestry either at home or at school. Activities are lessons and tasks added by your teacher on Tapestry.

Make sure you are logged into Tapestry first. Click here for help with logging in at school and click here for help with logging in at home.


Once you've logged into your account, click Activities at the top of the screen which is shown by the red number 1 arrow.

Then click the Open button next to the activity you would like to look at (shown by 2).




When you go into the activity you'll be able to see the title (1) and any pictures or videos (2). You can also like the activity by clicking the Like button (3).




If you scroll down you can see any Documents your teachers have attached to the activity (1). You can open these by clicking on the button for that document. 

You can also see any Notes your teachers have written to explain what to do (2).

If you have any questions you can type these into the Questions box (3), then click Ask a question (4). Your teacher will then be able to answer this for you.

If you click the Write about doing this activity (add observation) button at the bottom of the page (5) this will let you make an observation which your teachers will be able to see.

You can do this to tell them how you found the activity.

For help with adding observations, click here.




You can go back to the Activities list at any point by using the Back to list button at the top of the page (1), or you can use the Previous (2) and Next (3), buttons to go to the previous activity or the next one on the list.




So that's how to view Activities on Tapestry! 

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