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Children: How to log into your account at school


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I'm going to show you how to login to Tapestry when you are at school. If you are at home and want to login, click on this .

You'll use Tapestry to look at observations your teachers write and the lessons they want you to do. You can even write your own comments and observations!


First up, go to the website https://tapestryjournal.com/ and click the green box which says Child log in. In the picture below this is being pointed at by a red arrow.




Next you will see a list of different groups at your school. In the picture below, the Reception Group is being pointed at by the red arrow with a number 1 at the end. Click on your group.

If you don't know your group or if you can't see your group in the list let your teacher know, they can help!

Your teacher might give you some magic words to write in which will help you find your group. Click on the blue box next to the picture of the magic wand and type them. In the picture below this is being pointed at by the red arrow with number 2 at the end.




If something goes wrong you will see a page asking where you are. If this happens click School pointed at by the red number 1 arrow and then ask your teacher for help.




Once you find your group, the next page will show different ways of logging in depending on what your teacher has decided.

Sometimes you will see a picture of you and pictures of the other children in your group. Sometimes you won't see any pictures and will just see your name. Sometimes you will see pictures and names.

Whatever you see, find yourself by looking for your picture or looking for your name, and then click on yourself!


Below, a photo of a child is being pointed at with a red arrow with a number 1 at the end.

If you can't see your photo when you do it, you may have picked the wrong group. Click on the red X with I'm not in this group! next to it. This is being pointed at by the number 2 arrow.

If you have the right group but can't find your login, speak to your teacher.




On the different login page below you can see children's names. There are two children and they are called Anna Smith and Tomás Martínez. Tomás does not have a photo saved on Tapestry so he appears as a shadow, this might be the same for you.

If your group is very big you can type your name into the Search for your name box at the top to make it easy to find yourself!




Next write your password in the box pointed at by the number 1 arrow. Your teacher should have told you the password to use, but if you don't remember, tell them and they can help you.

When you have typed your password click on the blue Log In button pointed at by the number 2 arrow. If it doesn't work ask your teacher for help.




You should now be logged into your Tapestry account!

If you want some help with looking at and writing observations click here.

If you want some help with looking at the lessons your teachers have set, which are known as Activities, click on this.


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