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I am not sure if i am posting this in the correct place but here goes.


I teach in a reception class in a through primary. We only have one reception class. In all school policies a lot of detail is given about what happens in each key stage relating to the subject. However all the staff mention in their policies for Foundation Stage is that Foundation Stage follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance. I am worried that this is not enough.


In one way it makes me very angry as i think staff staff in our school are copping out by putting this and are making no effort to 1) even read the guidance and 2) to come and see exactly how we work in Reception.


I am PSHE co-rdinator for our school and so have to have a very detailed knowledge of what happens with PSHE throughout the school. If i was to write in my PSHE policy a detailed piece about foundation stage and then for key stage 1 and 2 that they simply ' follow the national curriculum '- there would be uproar and it would not be allowed.


Anyway rant over and back to my concern - will the 'FS follow the FS guidance be criticised by OFSTED? Should i be adding in bits to these policies myself - which i would greatly resent as i think staff should come and see what we do - but hey ho would do it if need be?


What do you think??



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We have curriculum policies for the Foundation Stage which are based on the 6 areas of learning. The KS1/2 policies briefly refered to ours and transition. Where we did show progression from FS up was in our Key Skills lists for each subject area- and this began from FS1n using appropriate statements based on the Stepping Stones.

All the policies specific to the FS which also included entry policies, toileting policies etc were put together in a booklet. Policies which applied to the whole school like Child Protection, Assessment, Medical, Drugs, Health and Safety etc were referenced in the FS booklet but not duplicated.

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