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Good afternoon


We have 2 members of staff about to embark on their Level 2 and Level 3 courses respectively, we as a setting have agreed to fund half of each staff members cost of the course with the staff member paying the other half,  have been told i need to put in place an agreement/contract between the pre-school and staff members that in effect say that if they leave the course then they are liable to return all monies we have paid out and that they need to stay on for a period of time if they pass the course, we have already spoken to our staff about this and they are happy for it to be put in writing, but at the moment am having a bit of a writers block about how to word it all and what exactly to put in it! Have any other settings ever had agreements like this before? I know they are commonplace in other work places, if so would anyone be able to share an agreement they have done or signpost me to a template i can look at please.


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