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bring back staff part time whilst on furlough


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Hi everyone!!

I have remained closed since March and re-opening in 3 weeks time. 

I am looking at bringing half my staff back part time due to low numbers and have read that the Government will help to pay the hours I can't up to 80%. 

 I cannot find any detailed information on the Gov website regarding the way we pay these staff. Would i pay my staff only 80% of wages? 

For example if  staff member work 30 hours normally with a wage of £1140 a month. I give them 15 hours work and pay £570 and i claim 80% of the other £570 from government = £456

so staff member gets £570+£456=£1026.  This is £114 less.

Now this is where it gets complicated:

As we receive funding form the government We only normally receive 29%  furlough of our income from funding and private paying, which it reduced by the 80%. Does this mean i can only claim 29% of the 15 hours they don't work each week  so can only claim back £165.29? 

This would mean the member of staff would only receive £570 + £165.29=£735.29p 😶 do i then have to top this80% of their wages  or 100%???????????????????????


This has not been made clear for Early years at all. 




Are we using income from April 2019 again adding it to what funding we receive 

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