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Selecting Assessments Across the Age Band

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9 hours ago, StephH said:

The only downside for us is that you cannot select assessments in 2 age bands e.g. 22-36 and 30-50. 


but you can do two obs with different assessments. and the system will calculate the mean. 

I think we need to be careful though that this doesn't become a tick box list...this is looking at the holistic child. Are they in 22-36 months or are they in 30-50 ? just because they can do one thing in one age band doesn't mean that's where they should be placed .

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I think what @finleysmaid said is exactly right - just because the child might be doing something from both age bands, doesn't mean you need to be recording it in both. 

If you're happy that a child is working within 30-50, then I wouldn't worry about continuing to provide evidence for 22-36 months. If you really do want to though, then you would have to create a second observation with that assessment. 

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