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We wondered if there are any plans to make a reading record diary entry which could be used by both staff and relatives? We are looking for something individual to each pupil but remains within one thread on a pupils journal rather than a separate observation each time they read. Is there any way of doing this currently?

Many thanks

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A reading diary is certainly something that we are looking into adding at the moment! If you have any suggestions as to what it could look like, or how you would hope it worked, please email customer.service@eyfs.info and we will gladly add them to the developer notes. 

Currently there isn't really a way to do this in a continuation way, that both staff and relatives can access, but you could maybe use tagging with something like #readingrecord and add to just one observation for each child? If you were to also set the date to one in the future, it would remain at the top of the observation list for that child which may work (although with a whole class, that might be a bit annoying as you wouldn't be able to easily see all the current observations on your home page!)

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